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Remember Sega is here to stay!!!!
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Welcome to the Forever Sega. Im a Sega fan since the Master system and i want to share my knowledge with all those fans out there so i built this site. Hope you enjoy!

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(FAQ, pics and info)

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Snatcher & Policenauts/Konami bitch page

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Here's a rumour that Microsoft
X-box will have the Dreamcast's
chipsets inside the system
and we will be able to play Dc
games in it, a second life for the Dc...
Bill Gates will anonced it at the Tokyo game show
wich will be on March 30th stay toon and have your
fingers crossed!!!!!

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Its not fiction its a reality BLEEM ON DREAMCAST!!!!!!
Play with Playstation games with the Sega Dreamcast using the
Bleem emulator.
The emulator will be on 4 disc wich it contains the drivers for
100 games on each disc to a total of 400 games for the launch in
September and more will fallow later this year.
The price will be 20$ each disc.
Happy gaming!!!!!

Can somebody help me locate this thing im looking for this modem for quite a while
Its the only piece of harware im missing and im willing to pay a lot to obtain it!
Also i got the X-band modem already so please dont mixed them and stop offerring it to me.
That modem was only available in Japan.
This picture has been taken from a japanese catalog.

Stay toon im working on a Sega saturn,Sega cd and Sega master covers museum that will contain all the US front box.
Evrething is ready but im missing web space i got around 35mb of pictures so now im looking for some web space it wont be long.

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