Konami bitch page

The begining of Konami:

Everybody remembers how Konami brought us good games in the time of the Nes days...

Games like Castlevania,Contra,Gradius,Track n' field,Blades of steel,Metal gear,Ninja turtles and so on....
These where the days...
But now with the 32-bit market the games are even more advanced and they ROCK!!!

Just to give you a few:

Castlevania symphony of the night (PSX)
Metal gear solid (PSX)
Silent hill (PSX)
Vendal hearts (PSX)
Suikoden (PSX)

But we forget those:
Gradius deluxe pack (PSX/SAT)
Salamander deluxe pack (PSX/SAT)
Parodius & Sexy parodius (PSX/SAT)
Snatcher (PSX/SAT)
Policenauts (PSX/SAT)

Those titles where just available to Japan only why????
Why did they not bring those games here in the US?
Specially Snatcher & Policenauts!!!!!!!
The reason was that they tough they will be a flop and a waste of time and money to release them here!!!
Do i have to remind them of what they release on the Sega Saturn....

Crypt killer which it really sucks and what a waste!!!
Contra that they could have done it better...
Bottom of the 9th which is a poor baseball game...

Where's Castlevania which is better than the PSX version and Vendal hearts?
They reason they gave was "the Saturn market is diying in the US so we will stop making games for that system."
Its diying because you brought us "SHITTY GAMES" thats why!

Also does everybody remember in Metal gear solid the begining music in the title screen? In fact it was the same music that it was in the opening of Policenauts... And when you fight the ninja the first time look on the walls of the office there posters of Policenauts, and when you save Ottocan when he describe his fanatasy of japanese anime you see footage of Policenauts.... Why do they torture us like that!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

(more to come soon!)